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SBIRT Education Resources for EA Professionals

EAPA has endorsed the use of the SBIRT process as a standard of practice for all employee assistance program clients, regardless of presenting concern. The SBIRT process includes screening for risky alcohol or drug use with evidence based screening questions, followed by brief intervention and, when appropriate, referral to treatment and follow-up.

SBIRT screening uses a brief (five minutes or less) but scientifically valid questionnaire, such as the AUDIT-C or AUDIT, to identify whether drinking or drug use could be placing a client at risk for negative consequences. Depending on the results from the screening questions, the EA professional may provide education, advice, motivational interviewing, help with an action plan, and/or referral for treatment. The process also includes appropriate support and follow-up as indicated by the individual circumstances. Use of the SBIRT process has been demonstrated to improve the identification, successful rehabilitation, and productivity of people whose drinking or drug use is or is becoming problematic.

To assist EA professionals and EA network providers in implementing the SBIRT process, EAPA and other organizations have collaborated to produce a FREE online core training course: the EAP and Behavioral Health Professional’s Guide to Screening, Brief Intervention, and Treatment.