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Substance Use SBIRTMentor

SBIRT Mentor is a product developed through the collaboration of three cutting edge companies to facilitate better screening of Substance Abuse issues. This particular product focuses on the Nursing Population but can also be applied in additional settings.

The three innovative companies that created this learning tool are:

MedRespond is an online healthcare communications company that combines artificial intelligence, search and streaming media so that health care enterprises    can provide interactive, personalized, relevant and inexpensive communication    solutions for their customers, patients, and clients – and health care training solutions for their personnel.

Peer Assistance a Denver company that provides a statewide Nursing Peer Health Assistance Program/Nurse Alternative to Discipline Program provides   comprehensive services to RNs and LPNs who may be experiencing physical, emotional, psychological, substance use/abuse problems or other personal issues.    The objectives are the protection of the public and the rehabilitation of the nurse.

NORC -  at the University of Chicago serves the public interest and improves lives through objective social science research that supports informed decision making.  NORC is an independent research organization known for excellence, innovation, and effective collaboration.  NORC experts provide the data and analysis needed to drive evidence-based decisions and improve public policy in fields such as health, education, economics, crime, justice, energy, security, and   the environment.

Make the connection


Diet, exercise, smoking and substance use are the main factors affecting wellness. Substance use may be the one thing you’re not asking about. Asking the right questions gives you the right information. Connecting substance use with health, SBIRT is a small invest ment with large  returns, both in costs and improved health. Interactive SBIRT training is avail able online at SBIRTmentor where you can access and complete training on your own schedule. Make the connection with SBIRTmentor.

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