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Peer Review Journals

The American Journal of Health Promotion  is a peer-reviewed journal on the science of lifestyle change.   The editorial goal of the American Journal of Health Promotion is to provide a forum for exchange among the many disciplines involved in health promotion and an interface between researchers and practitioners. 


HR Magazine - The Society for Human Resource Management’s flagship publication has a worldwide circulation of 250,000 industry professionals and students. Pass-along readership extends its reach to 750,000. HR Magazine serves more senior executives than other HR trade publications and is recognized as an authoritative resource by readers and journalists alike. 


Health Affairs articles - Health Affairs authors should direct their papers to a diverse national audience interested in present and future health policy issues. New data, reports of major new trends, and serious proposals for reform are encouraged. The focus of Health Affairs articles is on policy implications, not elaborate discussions of methodology and data sources. Thus, we ask authors to keep discussion of data and methods brief. However, the data and methods must be adequately assessed in the peer review process. For this purpose, if a study's data and methods cannot be explained adequately in a brief discussion, we encourage authors to provide more methodological detail in the form of an appendix or other explanatory section for review purposes only. 


Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine - Major research journal for workplace health studies – often data heavy articles using claims data or surveys.  Interested in mental health but very few articles on EAP specifically.  Readership of members of occupational medicine field. 

The Journal of Studies on Alcohol and Drugs (formerly the Journal of Studies on Alcohol and the Quarterly Journal of Studies on Alcohol) is the oldest alcohol/addiction research journal currently published in the United States. Today, JSAD publishes peer-reviewed studies on a wide range of topics related to the consumption of alcoholic beverages as well as the use of, abuse of, and dependence on illegal drugs (e.g., marijuana, heroin) and legal drugs other than alcohol (e.g., tobacco, prescription medication). The journal's archives include some of the classic studies dealing with the screening for and treatment of problem drinking and alcoholism. JSAD is a not-for-profit journal based at the Center of Alcohol Studies, Rutgers University, Piscataway, NJ


 JWBH - The Journal of Workplace Behavioral Health:  Employee Assistance Practice and Research, retitled from Employee Assistance Quarterly to better reflect its expanded focus, presents innovative research, applied theory, and practical information to keep workplace human service administrators, counselors, and consultants up to date on the latest developments in the field. This refereed journal is an essential guide to best practice and research issues faced by EAP professionals who deal with work-related and personal issues including workplace and family wellness, employee benefits, and organizational development. 


World@Work Journal focuses on global human resources issues including compensation, benefits, work-life and integrated total rewards to attract, motivate and retain a talented workforce. Founded in 1955, World@Work has nearly 30,000 members in more than 100 countries.   Jean Christofferson is the current editor. 


Business Trade Magazines

The Journal of Employee Assistance (JEA) is the quarterly magazine of the Employee Assistance Professionals Association, the world’s largest, oldest, and most respected membership organization for employee assistance professionals. The Journal is a professional development focused publication which provides insights into trends and developments affecting the workplace and the workforce.. Editor Mike Jacquart. 


Addiction Professional articles focus on strategies to improve clinical professionals' success in working with clients with alcohol and/or drug use problems. We also are interested in broader field trends (workforce issues, insurance requirements, etc.) that have an impact on the everyday work of addiction counselors and other clinicians. Topics that we cover regularly in the magazine include treatment modalities that are proving successful with clients, the emergence of medications to treat alcohol and drug dependence, and innovative efforts to engage targeted special populations in treatment. Editor Gary Enos.


EAR- Employee Assistance Report has been providing helpful information and solutions for EA professionals for more than 10 years. The information we provide includes, but is not limited to: work-life issues such as eldercare, workplace bullying, and various workplace addictions; EAP-specific topics such as balancing the needs of employees and employers, comparing/contrasting different EAP models, marketing the EAP; and • Legal advice on potentially litigious workplace issues. Editor Mike Jacquart.


EBN - Employee Benefit News – helps benefit plan sponsors put information into action. Covers topics such as Health Care; Health Care Reform; Disability Life; Quality of life Retirement; HR Benefits and Professional Life.