Rocky Mountain Research

EAP, Work/Life & Wellness Consulting Services

History of Rocky Mountain Research

Patricia is the CEO of Rocky Mountain Research and has recently completed a ground breaking study on the Profile of External EAPs with the National Behavioral Consortium. Her focus on the study of Employee Benefit delivery models over the last  25 years led to the creation of Rocky Mountain Research (RMR) when she moved from her home of 30 years in Boston to the West in 2001. 

Dr Herlihy was so taken by the austere beauty of the mountains and the intricate weavings between sky and land, that she wanted  to incorporate that notion within her practice. The majesty of the Rocky Mountain Range provided the inspiration as well as  a different view to nudge leaders in the field to make significant changes that have benefited many in the workplace.

Interdisciplinary approach to observing and problem solving has proven a stronger method of reaching a more efficient and effective method of providing benefit services.  Patricia‚Äôs early work in the field of cardiology helped enlighten her of the benefits of collaborating with professionals of all disciplines in order to reach a better solution. 

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