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 Patricia A. Herlihy Ph.D.,RN
Rocky Mountain Research Founder

Patricia Herlihy,  Ph.D., RN is the founder of Rocky Mountain Research.  She has also been the Principal Investigator on six International Research Projects since the early 1990s. In June 2012 Dr Herlihy was invited to become a Visiting Scholar at Boston College's Cornell School of Nursing.

Patricia began her career as a Cardiac Nurse at Massachusetts General Hospital and specialized in the education of families’ pre-cardiac surgery.  Recognizing the emotional components of medicine, she quickly moved over to the psychiatric realm of MGH again with a strong family focus.

After graduate school at Boston College, Patricia helped open a community inpatient psychiatric unit, and then began work in a Child Guidance Clinic for 10 years.  It was here that she immersed herself in the field of Family Therapy utilizing a One-way mirror and “Greek Chorus” approach. Next, she joined the faculty at Boston University’s School of Nursing and was an Associate Professor teaching graduate level Psychiatric Nursing.

In the late 1980’s Patricia moved into the corporate world and became a  Data Systems Manager for Digital Equipment Corporation’s EAP Department.  It was here that Patricia began her interest and research in the area of Integration of EAP and Work/Life Programs and completed her doctoral work at the Florence Heller School, Brandeis University. She has spoken all over North America and parts of Europe on this topic and written numerous articles, book chapters and recently co-edited the book The Integration of EAP, W/L and Wellness.

Her focus, as always, remains on the family, and the many iterations of supporting this entity in both the world of work and the community. In addition to her professional roles she has been on various community Boards such as local soccer Boards, Booster Boards, PTA Boards as well as her ongoing work on numerous professional Boards. 

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