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Veterans Bring Valuable Skills to the Workplace Posted on November 10, 2016 by Tyler Wigton

America's Heroes at Work — Veterans Hiring Toolkit Interested in developing or enhancing a Veterans hiring initiative for your company but don't know where to begin. 

Returning Veterans Project: Mission: To provide free health and wellness services to post-9/11 war zone veterans, service members and their families in our Oregon and Southwest Washington 

Army Cuts Hit Officers Hard, Especially Ones Up From Ranks.  Dave Philips NOV. 12, 2014

Risk Model Seen as Reducing Military Suicides. Benedict Carey, Nov. 12, 2014

Warriors at Ease brings the healing power of yoga and meditation to military communities around the world, especially those affected by combat-stress, PTSD, and trauma. We do this by training and deploying certified mind-body professionals to settings where they can enhance the health and well-being of servicemembers, veterans, families, and healthcare staff.

Warriors at Peace: Combat veterans take refuge in yoga, discovering its ability to soothe and repair war-torn minds and spirits, Neal Pollack, Yoga Journal.

Yoga helping veterans with PTSD, Ali Helgoth, Wyoming News, (Jan. 21, 2013).

Transforming trauma: a qualitative feasibility study of integrative restoration (iRest) Stankovic, L (2011). Yoga Nidra on combat-related post-traumatic stress disorder. International Journal of Yoga Therapy.(21): 23 - 37.

 Healing Soldiers Through Meditation: Read the inspiring story of an instructor who helps returning troops find peace, Lisa M. Gerry,, Woman’s Day Magazine (Oct. 2012)